homemade deodorant
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Simple Living Part Three: Homemade Deodorant & Simple Friends

homemade deodorant


Today I’d like to share some others who I’ve discovered live simply, in their own way. There’s also a homemade deodorant recipe, keep scrolling:)

Simple Living Friends


wellness mama

Wellness Mama: This blog is is intense. She has SO many recipes for SO many different things. In fact, the recipe that is used in this blog for shampoo is from her. She does research on most her projects and even the comments from others below her blogs are super helpful.



shalom mama

Shalom Mama: Nina’s website is awesome. She’s got recipes, books, essential oils…etc. She also has a cool side story: her and her family of 6 lived in a SCHOOL BUS! :)



mundane faithfulness

Mundane Faithfulness: I found Kara’s blog (and Instagram @tippetts) through the recent controversial topic of euthanasia. She was diagnosed with stage four metastatic cancer and recently wrote a response letter about why we don’t have to be afraid of dying. Reading her blogs about keeping life simple and focused on the things that matter, in the midst of chemotherapy and radiation is beyond inspirational. Side note: her site has been getting huge amounts of traffic, so it might be down at times. If so, check out her Facebook page.



home sweet homestead

Julie @Homesweethomesteadcinnamongirlofmaine.com : I have no idea how I found Julie, but her Insta feed is always FULL of inspiration for the homesteaders at heart, and her blog is super authentic. Check out her recent blog and adorable homemade hen ornaments.


tiny revolution


Andrew and Crystal Odom with Tiny r(E)volution : They built a tiny house, and currently live in an RV full time. Their blog consists of countless helpful tips, suggestions, and ebooks on simplifying your life. Start here by reading their manifesto.


Ok, and now onto other simple things :)

Homemade Deodorant

homemade deodorant


This was one of those recipes that my homesteading-small-business-dreaming friend (Erin) and I created one night a few weeks back. Some of those recipes didn’t really work out, and some totally did. Like this one. Only 2 ingredients.


1/2 cup of coconut oil

20 drops of Purification*


homemade deodorant


We put the ingredients in a pot over a hot stove top and stirred until the coconut oil was melted. Then, we poured the mixture into mason jars – because that was all we had at that time. However, once I got home later, I realized it might be kind of hard to put on deodorant from a small mason jar… I just happened to run out of my travel deodorant a couple of days before, so I just cleaned out the residue left from the previous store bought deodorant,{{recycle}} and poured the (still fluid) coconut/essential oil mixture into the plastic container. You can also buy these (unused) online if you don’t happen to be running out of your current deodorant.

One interesting (and slightly random) thing…Ryan and I both take pretty hot showers, so I can’t actually keep it in the bathroom – it melts! Soooo I keep it in the fridge.

homemade deodorant

Right next to the pesto and soup ;)

 I think that this may be due to the type of coconut oil we used. Erin and I switched from making it with her version and mine, and I don’t actually remember which one we made this one from. So, that’s not super helpful, but hey – this is a documentation of my experiments. ;-) I would like to know if anyone else tries this, and what kind of coconut oil you used, and how it turned out.

If you are interested in using a more natural version of deodorant, but aren’t really interested in making your own, you can

(1) contact me and I’ll try to whip something up for you.

(2) purchase Primal Pit Paste (that’s right) from Mountain Rose Herbs. Click here and scroll down until you see the paste :)

Well, this concludes round one of my attempt at homemade deodorant. Let me know if YOU have a different recipe, and love it. I want to experiment with other recipes too!

Here’s to having a wonderfully smelling week!


Edens Garden Essential Oils

* I am not super partial to a specific brand of essential oils, this time we used Young Living because this was the recipe and ingredients we had at the time. I tend to lean towards using Eden’s Garden  because of the affordable pricing. I will most likely purchase the needed ingredients next time (Citronella, Lemongrass, Rosemary, Tea Tree Oil, Lavandin, and Myrtle) from EG or create my own blend. (I get nothing for recommending them, just a warm heart knowing that more people know about affordable essential oils)

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  • Reply Alysha January 6, 2015 at 8:29 am

    I love this Hannah! I am always looking for new recipes to try so I think I will have to try this coconut oil and essential oil mixture as deodorant, after all coconut oil has antibacterial properties. Oh, and I really loved and appreciated the essay from Kara @ Mundane Faithfulness. As you know, that is very close to my heart.

    • Reply RyanHannah January 6, 2015 at 1:33 pm

      I didn’t know that about coconut oil! So cool :) Kara Tippetts is one of the most amazing ladies I know of. And I don’t even know her. Sheesh. What courage.

  • Reply Simple Living Part Five: Shalom Mama Interview and Freebies January 29, 2015 at 4:35 pm

    […] In one of my previous posts, I mentioned several folks and their blogs that I enjoy following on my journey of experimenting […]

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