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Homemade Energy Balls: Make in 15 Minutes!

I’ve never really been a huge fan of energy or power bars. I mean, I’ve really tried to be, especially the ones that have a ton of protein. To get a whole meal’s worth of nutrients in one bar – that’s super convenient! If you don’t have time to make a lunch, or just want to save money, I feel like power bars are a reasonable choice. There are some pretty healthy options actually.

But the taste… ::shudder:::

I typically thrive in denial : Let me be ignorantly bliss please. But I cannot ignore the fact that most power bars taste like cardboard. No matter how much I try to tell myself, “Hannah, this is good for you. These ingredients are natural, and you are getting the protein that you didn’t pack in a lunch today”, I CAN’T DO IT!



Well, sound the Hallelujah chorus now please: I’ve found a great energy ball recipe!


energy balls

Several years ago after a hike, my friend pulled some funny looking balls from her freezer. These energy balls were SO much better than any power bar I’ve ever had.

I finally made my own batch last weekend – and they taste like cookie dough. Chocolaty-chocolate chip cookie dough energy balls. Yet, I’d still consider them a healthy snack. Or meal. I had a bowl of them for dinner last night. #dontmindifido

I think I really enjoy these because you can put whatever you want in them. If you want to use organic, all natural ingredients, you can. If you just want to use whatever you have in your pantry, you can.

Ok. So here’s how the magic happens.

Side note: I don’t have a food processor, so I kind of used a blender (I say kind of because a food processor would have worked MUCH better). If you have a food processor, or even a good blender, you could do all the steps below in the machines. Since mine sucks, I adjust.

(measurements are approximate)

– 1-2 cups almonds (demolished them in a blender)

– 1-2 TBSP cocoa powder (add to the almonds before it turns to butter)

– 1-2 TBSP wheat bran (add to mix)

– 10-15 dates (soak for an hour or more in water, then mash in a bowl with a fork. Add the wheat bran, almond, cocoa powder mix)

– 1-2 TBSP chia seeds (stir into mix)

– 1-2 TBSP unsweetened coconut (stir into mix)

– 1-2 TBSP mini chocolate chips (stir into mix)


The mixture should be somewhat sticky as you roll into small balls and then roll through some more chia seeds, OR chocolate chips, OR coconut… and then pop them in the freezer for a snack.


Some suggestions I’ve had and seen for other ingredients were:

peanut butter (thanks Emma girl!)

– flax seed

– sesame seed

– macha powder

– cinnamon

– oatmeal

– honey

– cacao nibs

– other kinds of nuts (pecans, pistachios, walnuts, peanuts…etc)

– NUTELLA! (goodlord that’s a great idea)

– pretzels

– the list goes on…


I stored them in these lil containers and a few more in ziplock bags for Ryan to grab and take to work (because let’s be honest, if he takes that tupperware, I’m never going to see them again).

energy balls

I’ll let you do your own research on what benefits each of those ingredients has, but all I know is that they tasted amazing.


ENJOY and let me know if you have more ideas for additional ingredients or another energy balls recipe!



Ryan and Hannah Corson, Herbal Tea Collection
City Living, Simple Living

Herbal Tea, Yoga, Essential Oils, & Juice


That sounds like the start to a yuppies dream day.


Well, its been the glorious start to mine for the past month.

I realize right off the bat that this blog post is like every other blog post I have seen lately about, well… the exact same things. Essential oils and yoga.


It’s kind of my pet peeve when I’m following the trends of the rest of my peers.




Seriously. I’ve been trying to find some kind of morning routine since moving back to the city, and I think I may have found it.


6:00 – wake up. drag myself out of bed. used to be a morning person. marriage makes me wanna stay in bed. go figure.

6:05 – shower. typically still not feeling super jazzed about the day.


Edens Garden Essential Oils


6:20 – yoga & oils enter the picture. I took some classes at Bella Yoga in Brighton and learned a ton there. Now, that knowledge combined with a sweet app (Yoga Studio) that someone referred me to, and a couple of oils normally rubbed on my feet, chest, and arms (with carrier oil of course) and 15 minutes of stretching and I feel much more awake, energized, and even focused.





Cozy Apartment

6:45ish – cleaning frenzy. I know that with normal people, its dreaded. But I’m a freak and cleaning is strangely therapeutic. And given my husbands cleaning habits, I’m thankful that I ended up being that kind of freak rather than the other kind (that pile things on until it feels like there’s a monster living by our front door). Just a couple of minutes of laundry, dishes, {sometimes} making the bed, and I’m a brand new woman. And so is our apartment.




6:55 – Breakfast. I got a free juicer a few months ago with my lil bro at a church garage sale that was packing up for the weekend. I have no idea what brand it is, but I love it. It feels really nice to have fresh juice be the first thing that my stomach deals with in the mornings. But I’m probably going to turn orange very soon from the mounds of carrots I keep juicing. I have to remind myself to add some celery so that this doesn’t actually happen. If it does, I’ll post pics. {Also, ginger is yummy in carrot juice}

Orange Ginger Juice


7:10 – Start boiling water for some tea. Throw on some clothes for work. Make herbal tea. I’m not sure if you knew or not, but we (::cough:: I) recently started becoming slightly obsessed with loose leaf tea. Some mornings I’ll make a lil something with caffeine* and some mornings I just stick to herbal for the health benefits.


Herbal Tea

*** Picture credit


7:15 – Sit down with my tea, granola, and a book. What I’ve been reading lately:

Country Matters


The Secret Life of Bees

The Jade Peony


7:30ish – out the door, ready for some NPR on the way to work and a hopefully smooth commute and lovely day.


Hipster side note: I’m growing a baby. It’s like a week old. Cute huh?**


Kombucha Baby



OK. All you oil experts and fellow aspiring naturalists. Feedback needed:



– I am still an oil baby. Haven’t been using them very long. Tell me what has worked for you for: sore throats, fatigue, sore muscles, anxiety….etc. ALSO: favorite delivery method?

– Juicing. I’ve pretty much stuck to carrots, celery, ginger, apples, and beets. What else works for you here? Any specific remedies you’ve found? Or other flavors to make yummy juices (or not so yummy juices)?

– Kombucha. Haven’t even finished growing the child yet, but I need some direction. I am not a huge fan of the taste of kombucha, haven’t quite cultivated those taste buds yet… SO what are some things I can do to make it more “Hannah friendly”? I feel like adding juice of somekind would be tasty, but just need some direction.


Thanks for enduring my first post of city life. Maybe the next post Ryan will tell you all about the oil field and fracking. #contradictions? #tuneinnexttime



* did I mention I definitely drink coffee once I get to work? necessary…

** why the heck is this nasty thing called a baby?

*** Thanks Eliza. You good.