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Tiny House

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Living Simply

We want to live a simple, undiluted life that allows us to enjoy our passions and experiment with living in ways that are sustainable as well as attainable within our means. We want to be advocates for those who desire simple lives, so in lieu of wedding presents (that won’t fit in the tiny space we hope to occupy) we are raising funds to build our first (tiny) home (see Kent Griswold or Dee Williams‘ sites for other examples)!


– to save money (For the amount we would spend, renting a typical apartment for a year, we will be able to build and own our own tiny house.)

– to have flexibility that will allow us to travel together, and bring our home along with us

– to learn to live as sustainably as we can

– to open the door to experiment with additional methods of sustainable & attainable living.  (An eventual goal of ours is to purchase a plot of land, and live in our tiny house while we are building an eco-friendly home built using alternative architectural methods.)

– not many people live in freakin 200 square feet!

– Ryan has a background in general contracting and a passion for learning about alternative architecture

– Hannah has a background in making small spaces cozy

Its perfect.

Help us build our first home together. Visit our Go Fund Me site to see pictures!

October 2014 Update

We felt that now was a good time to shut down the donation part of this site, as it has served it purpose for us. We are SO grateful to everyone who gave here towards our Tiny House as gifts for our wedding, as fellow tiny house enthusiasts, or as friends. We love you all and will continue to update you all on progress – as we owe several of you dinner in the completed tiny house! Thanks again everyone for investing in us as we start our life together :)

Tell Us Your Story

If you have built a Tiny Home, or any other building using alternative architecture, we’d love to hear about it and see pictures! Email us at restoringsimple@gmail.com


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